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.. for all the wishes, entries, journals, videos, words, pictures and everything about and for Lisa.

We are very thankful and proud, too.

Lisas Family


.. für all die Wünsche, Einträge, Journals, Videos, Worte, Bilder und Alles über und für Lisa.

Wir sind sehr dankbar und auch stolz.

Lisas Familie
Tim hier, der Bruder von Lisa.

Lisa ist heute morgen unfassbarer Weise bei einem Autounfall ums Leben gekommen.

Möge ihre Erinnerung ewig in ihren Bildern weilen..

Ruhe In Frieden.



Tim here, Lisas brother.

This morning Lisa died in a horrible car accident. ='(

In her art the memory of her shall remain forever..

Rest in Peace.
Maybe by Helen-Carter

obenlicht by lichtfaengerin

huegellandschaft by lichtfaengerin

what holds us together by Rona-Keller

of sleep and summer by SilverScreened

am weiher by lichtfaengerin

a resting place by andreapun

traeumen by Einuhr

ID // may 2012 by CarolineZenker

.watt. by Gryczka

Tranquility by maryfairie

Here Come the Sun... by MoonEssence

still busy...
I barely have the time to be online.
But I didnt forget you my  dear friends and watchers! (:

At least I collected some beautiful pieces for you, I hope you enjoyed them! :heart:

See you soon, hopefully I will manage to go trough 4000+ deviations
and messages, notes.... :P

:wave: (:
hey folks

I am quite busy these days because of my new job, friends and boyfriend. (you can also call it "new life" :p)

so yes, I am still alive. :aww: I am not only uploading some deviations from time to time, I also read your lovely comments and notes. Please be patient with me! (:

:heart: I proudly present you these:

a wonderful painting based on my self portrait take me to the other side by Lisa-Schneider :
(this really looks more beautiful than the original :blush: i LOVE it!)

lucia by legserrano

Bittersweet Symphony by raemarshall

Sens dessus dessous by JER0ME-B

:wave: cheers! (:

Good News! 

  Life changed  <3

Hello folks! :wave:
These days have been busy and exciting for me, so my inbox is more than full! :D
Hope you are all fine and you do enjoy spring! :sun:

Some of you may have already noticed that I am taken now! :aww: Fell in love in february with the most wonderful man I could imagine! :love:
Also I was very busy with working and writing applications, preparing my mothers 50th birthday, the dentist had to extract all my wisdom teeth, which was not that easy and really painful btw. (and I looked like a giant hamster) :/
After being a bit ill and spending a few lovely days in Italy, I was asked to visit a company again, I had a job interview some days before.
So last wednesday they offered me a really great contract and of course I said yes-I will start to work there very soon! :excited:
Monday will be my first day and I am already so excited! :boogie: :party:

I am one of the most happiest people in universe, Life feels good and I am so glad that everything seems to work fine now. Finally. (:


:heart: Here some beautiful deviations you shouldn't miss:


devoured. by gloeckchen
the sun by NikolasBrummer


A string of pearls. by ellylucas



Standing in a bookshop by Holunder




sunny by LoveInMist




untitled by oprisco



natur chaos by lichtfaengerin
heart by justina-m
regenblumen by lichtfaengerin
796555 by aleksandra88
almost, not. by Sea-of-Ice
I Try To Reach This Unknown Land by DpressedSoul
Hjemland by Mar-jus

death and devotion ::: by Birgit-Zartl-Art

Together by Mar10Photography


Last Kiss by lwc71 




Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2012, 8:30 AM


“To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never
get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life
around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its
lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is
simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try
and understand. To never look away. And never, never, to forget.”
    Arundhati Roy
11. Maerz 2012 II by Filterkaffee


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
    Albert Einstein

11. Maerz 2012 by Filterkaffee

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”
    Virginia Woolf

Leave Out All The Rest by sandy94m


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
    Mae West

Juli 2004 II by Filterkaffee

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”
Albert Schweitzer

I am really busy with life right now, my dear watchers and friends.
So many things has changed. I still have much job interviews and stuff to do. From Thursday-next Wednesday I will be off for a short trip to Italy. Finally I will be back, I miss it so much to be there.

Take care everyone and I hope you enjoyed the feature :heart:

Lisa-Schneider has limited the viewing of this artwork
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Lisa-Schneider has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

You can log in or become a member for FREE!

Lisa-Schneider has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

You can log in or become a member for FREE!

Lisa-Schneider has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

You can log in or become a member for FREE!


Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2012, 10:21 AM


listen to this and enjoy: 

f by koffk

A phenomenological approach by BenoitPaille

ocean...yes by koffk

Suzette by BenoitPaille

dead poet society by ezorenier

the change of wind by lichtfaengerin

down by the river by NikolasBrummer


help me by inobservable


Morning glory ... by Yoohaz


rooted - updated by AncaCernoschi

Exercice of grey 2 by MissUmlaut

the connection by hclay

In Silent Memory IV by Mar-jus

 himmelsbeobachter by lichtfaengerin 

symphony by Einuhr

Je ne regrette rien by musetta30

sadness is a blessing by miezeTatze

abyss by ezorenier

Bubble by Hengki24

<3 Go and check out these:





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Christmas! Goodbye!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 4:43 AM

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year! :santa:

:heart: Thank you all for your constant support, feedback and friendship!

Enjoy your days off and the time with your family!

I won't be online within the next days, only till december 23th...
>>> My family and me will fly to South Africa for christmas vacations! :faint: <<<
(flight will leave friday evening, I will come back January 7th.)

I promise to bring tons of photos with me! (:

 I can't wait, the last time was so full of stress and bad moments.
 Right now there is still so much to do and all....

Just wanted to let you know that, folks!
Please be patient with notes, replies and all that stuf!

Thanks, take care! (:

Adventstida. X by immugraah
December in Paris by Lucem
isoliert triste wintertage by lichtfaengerin

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Back from Berlin. Still busy.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 1:34 PM
hello folks! :wave:

hope everyone is fine!
I just wanted to inform you that I am very busy with work and other personal stuff atm, so please don't worry when it takes me some (longer) time to reply and all.
I am so damn tired. tired, tired. Sleep is all I want, haha :D

Just arrived from Berlin tonight.
My first time there, I was there for both: work and sight seeing.
Still kind of over-whelmed... stay tuned for some city and snapshots! ;)

oh, christmas is on its way... enjoy it! (:
take care everyone! Here is one first picture from Berlin, I took in a Desigual Shop:


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 6:16 AM

Dear Watchers, friends and those who read this because of other reasons,

how are you all?I would really like to know,
 so please don't hestitate to share some words and thoughts, if you feel like! (:
Thanks for all your constant support, it means the world! :heart:
I hope you aren't shocked by my current mass uploads.:blush:
I don't know, I won't have that much time in future and also I'm not able to wait any longer to share my work with you, haha.

I haven't talked for a long time about my private life here, but some of you might feel it anyway while they see my latest stuff.
(I am so sorry, some of you are still waiting for notes, please be patient!)
Just to sum it up: the last weeks weren't that easy for me,
 I got several problems and had hard times with many black clouds and bad thoughts.
A broken heart, ugly feelings of loneliness, bad experiences, mistakes, troubles, incidents with family, illness ...well  life.

But I won't give up, because I have the most wonderful friends and family. :heart:
And to all of you beautiful-souled deviants (I won't call names, they will know ♥) who are here for me as well.
It feels really good to have some friends in that online world, who really cares!
So thanks for all the lovely and up-cheering words!
AN ENORMOUS BIG BIG THANKS :heart: I love you!

So 2011 is almost over, that means we have to prepar for a (better) 2012! :w00t:
Maybe I'll start a kind of photo/art project next year, but I am not sure yet.
So many plans already in my head, so much things to plan. Dreams.
Time is such a precious thing. Well, Life is.

3 weeks premium membership left...I hope you still like my features! (:Here is a
choice of my latest favourites:

HOW TO by vampire-zombie568544 by aleksandra88Darkness by EndlessDark14

64 by intelkuritsaLast Goodbye by SOUL-SENs
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- by passingbird

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u'r my personal WOW pass key by DopeStarsA gift given to us by adrianismyname

Comptine dUn Autre Ete by NikolasBrummer

optimism by NikolasBrummer

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you inspire!

Fri Nov 4, 2011, 3:57 AM
A Moment's Rest by SethFitts

Made me vanish, left nothing by SilverScreened
Boston: The North End. by inbrainstorm

forget_0411 by sjfbetty

Pine Away by dorguska

30. Oktober 2011 by Filterkaffee
Autumn. by immugraah
Fire Dreamer by Thinking-Silence
i wish you by iNeedChemicalX

Birchfire. by immugraah
Blue Jay Bird by SethFittseiskronen by lichtfaengerin02 by esztervaly

treescape by crh
morn VI by Mar-jus

Cold wind by BetaAquilae

La Memoire bw-version by Thinking-Silence

... by I-IONZA117.365 by ByLaauraa

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  • Reading: Glück kommt selten allein
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I can't sleep
while it's so cold
Can't close my eyes
while I feel that way.

But then I sleep
I do because
I can't do anything
but sleep alone.

I sleep alone
and I got dreams
oh, they feel so real.
But after all, they are just dreams.

I sleep alone.
and I got dreams,
my mind is telling me:
They are nightmares.

I sleep alone
and sometimes the morning light
makes me feel more alive.
Sometimes it makes me sad.


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 3:24 AM
hey folks!

being home feels strange.
It's too cold, I don't want winter to come.

How are you all?

I'm now contributer in this wonderful group:
so if you still haven't joined and love monochrome stuff... run!! :D


it's good to know,
you are not alone
in this black and white world.

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gierige welt. feature.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 3:03 PM

"Die Welt ist gierig, und manchmal umschließen Nebel unsere Herzen,
bis wir uns nicht einmal mehr daran erinnern können, wann unsere Träume zu sterben begannen."

"The world is greedy, and sometimes fog surround our hearts
until we can not even remember when our dreams began to die."

― Christoph Marzi, Lumen

"Die Welt ist gierig, und manchmal ist ein Schrei,
ausgestoßen in der Stille,
eine Melodie voller Irrsinn und Verzweiflung."

"The world is greedy, and sometimes a cry,
uttered in the silence,
is a melody full of madness and despair."

― Christoph Marzi, Lilith

  • Listening to: Dornenreich
  • Reading: Lumen